Child Custody & Relocation of Children

Pursue the Best Custody Arrangement for Your Children

Divorce can affect every child differently. At Figeroux & Associates, we believe, if children are involved, establishing positive child custody and visitation agreement is one of the most important aspects of ending the marriage. We encourage you to pursue the best custody arrangement for your children, even if it means going to court.

If you have children and are facing divorce in New York, protect your rights and the rights of your children. Consult with a skilled litigator at Figeroux & Associates.

If you are struggling to agree on child custody and visitation, contact a lawyer who knows family law and divorce litigation. Call our law office in New York at 718-222-3155 or contact is online or a consultation.

Divorce With Children Can be Complicated 

If you have children, there are a variety of issues that come with divorce. Whether you’re involved in a full-blown custody dispute or you’re struggling to establish who will spend a holiday with the kids, our attorneys can help.

7 Areas Figeroux & Associates Can Assist You In

Obtaining custody of your children.

Determining a visitation schedule.

Negotiating child support.

Enforcing child support.

Obtaining a post-judgment custody modification.

Relocation with your children.

Out-of-state and international issues.

Relocating With Children 

When one parent relocates with the children, the other parent sometimes loses valuable time in the children’s lives. Moving with children can be devastating to their emotional wellbeing. However, it can also be in the children’s best interest. If you wish to relocate with your kids or you are opposed to your former spouse moving away with them, seek seasoned legal counsel. Contact Figeroux & Associates at 718-222-3155 for guidance from an experienced litigator and a strong negotiator in your child custody matter.


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