Child Support & Custody Issues

Parent-Child Issues Related To Child Custody

Some of the most difficult problems in New York divorce litigation come up in the area of parent-child issues, especially those related to child custody. The legal issues are often relatively simple, but the facts can be very complex, and the personal and emotional considerations can be wrenching. To learn how experienced divorce attorneys can help you deal with the full range of problems that can complicate child custody or support issues in your case, contact Figeroux & Associates in New York. New York law presumes that a stable and substantial relationship with both parents will be in a child’s best interests, and much of our family law procedure is built around the idea that parents will cooperate to make sound decisions that reflect their understanding of their children’s distinctive needs. Unfortunately, it does not always work out that way, and the resolution of parenting issues can sometimes be the most difficult task the divorcing spouses and their lawyers need to perform.

At Figeroux & Associates we handle custody and support cases of all kinds and under any circumstances. Our work ranges from review of custody and visitation arrangements developed by the parents themselves to highly contentious litigation of parental fitness issues.

Specific case examples

Basic child custody and visitation issues

Child custody disputes involving high levels of conflict between the parents.

Interstate and international parent relocation cases.

Grandparent visitation issues.

Child support in both divorce and paternity cases.

Modification of support or custody arrangements.

Enforcement of divorce decree or family court commitments that have gone into default.

For additional information about our law firm’s experience with parent-child issues, contact the New York child support lawyers at Figeroux & Associates in Brooklyn.


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