Grandparents Visitation

Disputes Over Grandparent Visitation In Divorce Cases & Custody Cases

At the New York law firm of Figeroux & Associates, we represent people on either side of disputes over grandparent visitation in divorce cases and custody cases involving unmarried parents. To learn how our advice can help you understand your rights when a grandparent asserts an interest in maintaining a relationship with a grandchild. Contact our office to discuss your objectives with an experienced matrimonial law attorney.

In the most common situation, the parents of a divorcing parent express an intention to maintain a secure and enforceable relationship with one or more grandchildren, whose primary residence is usually the home of the former daughter-in-law. While it is possible to obtain a court order that recognizes and protects a right of grandparent visitation, it isn’t automatic, and it isn’t always easy to prove the case over the ex’s opposition.

New York Child Visitation Attorneys for Grandparent Rights Cases

In order to state a case that has a chance of success, the grandparent needs to present evidence that supports the following propositions: first, that there exists in practical terms a substantial relationship between the grandparent and the grandchild; and next, that recognizing and protecting this relationship will be in the grandchild’s best interests.  Our lawyers can work with grandparents who need to understand how the facts of their present situation can be expressed as evidence that could succeed for them in court.

The specific details of grandparent visitation disputes vary a great deal from one situation to another. We have handled cases where a grandparent’s intervention was absolutely essential to providing a safe and stable home environment for the grandchild. We have also represented parents whose objections to a formal visitation order were reasonable and necessary for preserving their legal and personal interest in parental authority and discretion.

Additionally, when neither parent is in a position to provide an appropriate home for his or her child, we can represent grandparents in child custody actions, most often as an alternative to foster care placement in extreme circumstances.

Find out more about the ways we serve our clients’ needs in disputes between grandparents and divorced or unmarried parents in child custody and visitation cases.  Contact the New York grandparent visitation lawyers at Figeroux & Associates in New York.


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