Neglect Proceedings

Family Law Attorneys Fight To Protect Clients' Rights

Figeroux & Associates has been successfully handling neglect proceedings for clients for many years. The firm’s divorce and family law attorneys are well known in Family Court, and are there on a regular basis representing clients and presenting evidence. Figeroux & Associates is a tough trial firm, and we are well known for our strong trial skills and tactics.

Who Brings A Neglect Proceeding?

When certain conduct, actions, or inactions are reported to Child Protective Services (CPS), the agency may commence a neglect proceeding against one or both parents or guardians that may result in removal of the child(ren). Law guardians also may start a neglect proceeding. These proceedings are heard before a Family Court judge.

What Is Neglect?

There are certain basic requirements for a matter to rise to the level of neglect. It may involve neglect (the failure to do something), or actually doing something, the agency believes may damage the child(ren). Educational neglect, medical neglect-these are types of neglect proceedings. In fact, driving without a license or intoxicated with a child in a car becomes a neglect proceeding. More basic types of neglect include the failure to provide proper food, clothing, supervision, or shelter in a safe environment.

How Are Neglect Proceedings Handled?

These cases are handled in a certain part of the Family Court. They require:

The exchange of evidence

A possible plea

A determination to admit or have a no-admission arrangement

Possibility of a trial

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We are well-known for aggressive representation of clients in the toughest divorce and family law cases. Contact Figeroux & Associates for a free initial consultation with our skilled attorneys to find out if the firm can represent you in a neglect proceeding. If your case is urgent, do not e-mail. Call us immediately.


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