Orders Of Protection

How You Can Obtain Orders Of Protection

Orders of protection can be obtained in Family and/or District Court. In Family Court, orders of protection are called “O” Docket Cases. They are labeled as family offenses. There are basically two types of orders of protection:

“Stay away” orders of protection.

“Refrain from” orders of protection.

Clauses can be added to orders of protection, including those directing the parties to attend:

Parenting classes

Anger management

Counseling treatment

Mental health evaluations

Substance abuse evaluations

Drug testing

When You Need An Order Of Protection

You should get an order of protection if you suspect the following activities or condition of the father or mother of your child:

Drug use

Mental problem

Commission of a family offense such as harassing, threatening, or being physical

Sometimes people show up at Family Court and attempt to obtain orders of protection by themselves. They are better served by coming first to Figeroux & Associates. We prepare the petition, and we write your statement of facts with expertise so that it is clear to the judge why you need the order of protection that you are seeking. We present your facts in the manner in which they should be presented to get you the order of protection you need.

Most often, when people show up at Family Court, they simply complain to a clerk who writes down the facts that they are given, and usually the client does not have enough time to go over all of the facts. The clerk does not have the skills to present the facts in a manner that would highlight to the judge the urgency of the order of protection.

Defending Against Orders Of Protection

Conversely, we are well-versed in having orders of protection dismissed. Orders of protection have been misused and overused. Indeed, family law practitioners often joke how orders of protections are given out, “like candy,” and/or it has been said that there should be a drive through window in Family Court for orders of protection. This is because none of the judges want to be questioned by the news media after they deny an order of protection and someone gets hurt.

Therefore, a lot of the Family Court judges play better safe than sorry, causing extreme hardship-financial, emotional, and otherwise- to people as a result of false allegations or overreaching statements in orders of protection. If you think that you were served with an order of protection and that you should not have been asked to stay away from your house or refrain from communicating with your spouse or children, contact us immediately. Figeroux & Associates trial skills are superior, and we are well known for his aggressive courtroom tactics.

Have Us At Your Side. Don’t Wait. Call Us Now.

It benefits you to show up at your first court appearance with a Long Island family law attorney from our firm. If you are trying to impress the court with your responsible nature, and if you would like the judge to hear your side of the story, bring our firm to court. We are very successful in orders of protection cases, and we are in court handling orders of protection every day.

We are well-known for aggressive representation of clients in the toughest divorce and family law cases.   Contact Figeroux & Associates for a free initial consultation with our skilled attorneys for your order of protection issue. If your case is urgent, do not e-mail. Call us immediately.


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