Property Division

Sound Divorce Asset Protection Principles in Negotiations and Litigation

Few decisions in divorce can have more serious and long-lasting consequences than those related to the division of marital property. These can be both legally and factually complex, and the bigger the marital estate, the more there is to fight over. The strategic decisions on property division issues can be complicated, too. Marital property distribution will usually be negotiated or litigated together with spousal maintenance issues, and substantial gains on one side of the equation can often be realized through timely concessions on the other. Because each divorce client’s situation is unique, it is hard to generalize about the best strategies to employ on the financial issues in a New York divorce.

To work with a lawyer with both depth and breadth of experience on property division issues.  Contact Figeroux & Associates in New York. With nearly 16 years of experience concentrated on New York matrimonial law, Figeroux & Associates can help you formulate realistic objectives with respect to your financial security while steering you past the many mistakes that are all too easy to make on these issues.

New York Property Division Lawyers for Complex Divorce Cases

Sound decisions on property matters will depend on the following:

Careful analysis of your spouse’s income and financial disclosures.

Practical ability to locate concealed or overlooked assets and income streams.

Accurate characterization of particular assets and debts as marital or separate.

Accurate valuation of assets and liabilities.

Proper treatment of business assets subject to division between the spouses.

Accurate valuation of professional degrees and licenses.

Consideration of applicable prenuptial or postnuptial agreement terms.

Consideration of tax attributes affected by asset liquidation to fund a property settlement.

Careful balancing of property division considerations with alimony problems.

Our objective is to help clients formulate a winning negotiation strategy through proper attention to each of these factors at an early stage of the case. If we cannot achieve your objectives through negotiation, however, our experience with the litigation of property issues can represent a significant advantage whenever a dispute needs to be heard by a judge. To learn more about the ways you can protect your financial future through sound advice and effective advocacy, contact Figeroux & Associates in New York.


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