10 Habits that Could Ruin Your Relationship

By Mary Campbell

When relationships start, there are lots of butterflies and romantic emotions. There is enough emotional high to keep the relationship mutually exciting and fulfilling. At the time, you feel your partner is just perfect. But after weeks and months together, the emotional high begins to dip, and you start to see that your partner is not so perfect. Successful relationships are not just butterflies and rainbows. It takes deliberate effort from both partners to have a mutually satisfying relationship. Both partners must be committed to making each other happy. Sometimes, one or even both partners might be selfish and unbending. They might be unwilling to make compromises for a happy relationship. Other times, one or both partners might succumb to bad habits that slowly ruin the relationship. In this article, we will look at 10 toxic habits that could make your relationship take a turn for the worse and show you how to avoid them.

1. Trying to be Right All the Time

For many couples, this is a toxic trait that can ruin everything. When arguing, avoid trying to prove that you are right or that your opinion is superior. Pay attention to your partner and allow them to express their opinion. Keep in mind that the aim is not to be right, but to come to a point where there is love, peace, and mutual understanding.

2. Comparing Your Partner to Others

Comparing your partner to other people can create unrealistic expectations and even lower their self-esteem. Avoid comparing your partner to people around you. Learn to appreciate your partner for who they are. Instead of comparing them to others, inspire them to become a better version of themselves.

3. Not Expressing Love to Your Partner

It is easy to believe that you love your partner the way they want to be loved. The reality is that most times, we express love to our partner based on how we like to be loved. For example, you might understand love to be receiving words of affirmation. But on the other hand, your partner may understand love to be acts of service or receiving gifts. Learn your partner’s love languages and express love to them in the way they want to be loved.

4. Bottling Up Your Feelings

Avoid assuming that your partner should understand how you think and feel at every point. The truth is, your partner can’t read your mind or understand everything about how you feel. So speak up – communicate your feelings with your partner. This will help your partner understand you better and will create a stronger bond between you two. Also, create an atmosphere where your partner feels comfortable expressing their feelings towards you.

5. Holding Grudges

The most successful relationships are made up of two forgivers. Your partner will step on your toes at some point. Holding grudges will only lead to anxiety, insecurity, and stress. So forgive your partner, and avoid holding grudges.

6. Spending More Time on Your Phone

When having a conversation with your partner, try to listen to them without fiddling with your gadget. Give them all your attention. Create special activities that can help you and your partner bond better. This will make them feel like they are a priority in your life.

7. Criticizing Your Partner

Avoid constantly criticizing your partner. Avoid snide remarks about their appearance or personality. Instead, appreciate the positive traits in your partner. Learn to give positive and constructive feedback and encourage them to do better, rather than dragging them down.

8. Spying on Your Partner

Trust is essential for any successful relationship. Avoid snooping around your partner’s phone or belongings. Respect each other’s privacy.

9. Telling lies

Avoid telling lies or keeping things from your partner. This is one way to break their trust in you and ruin your relationship.

10. Taking Your Partner for Granted

Never take your partner for granted. Appreciate the little efforts your partner makes. Reinforce their place in your life and remind your partner why you love them. Relationships are a blessing. However, maintaining a happy relationship is not easy. It takes sacrifice, commitment, and deliberate effort from both parties to make it work. Avoid these bad habits and commit to improving yourself and your relationship.

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