Five Signs You Might Have Married the Wrong Person

Do you ever find yourself wondering what you saw in your spouse prior to marriage? Do you question whether you made the right decision in getting married or whether you should have remained single until you found a better partner? You might need to face your concerns head-on and decide whether your marriage is worth saving. If any of these five signs are present in your relationship, there’s a good chance you might have married the wrong person.

  • Some people are not well-suited for marriage. Even though you might have grown up believing that marriage was supposed to last forever, some individuals are incapable of remaining in long-term committed relationships. If you married a partner who has ongoing problems honoring their vows of monogamy, you might have married the wrong person.
  • If you’re a better person when you’re away from your spouse, you might be in the wrong relationship. Marriage partners are supposed to lift you up and make you feel good about your relationship. If you find you’re happier and more fulfilled when you’re on your own, chances are good a divorce might be in your future. 
  • If you catch your spouse browsing online dating websites, it might be time to consult a divorce lawyer. Regardless of their excuses, there is no reason a partner in a committed relationship should be checking out dating candidates on sites like Match or Tinder. It might be time to reconsider whether you married the right person or whether it is time to start looking for the marriage exit door. 
  • If you dread staying married more than you dread being single again, chances are mighty good you married the wrong person. Being single lets you redefine yourself. Accept the error of your ways and move towards a happier life after a divorce.
  • When your friends ask you why you’re still with your spouse, it might be time to consult a divorce attorney. If your friends can see how disastrous your marriage is, you might need to take off your blinders and see the truth they see. Wanting a marriage to work isn’t going to help if you married the wrong person in the first place. It is better to part ways so you can both find happiness than to stay in a marriage that is unhealthy for both of you.

If any of these five signs are present, you might have married the wrong person. You can learn from your mistake and take your newfound wisdom into your new life after your divorce. Life can get better; you just need to end your troubled marriage first.

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