How to Decorate a Bedroom to Enhance Your Romantic Relationship

Homeowners and designers alike are increasingly interested in intentionality in their spaces. From the design of a bedroom to the pictures and lamps, everything must have a purpose. This is especially true in those places where you spend the bulk of your time. The bedroom is the heartbeat of your relationship. It’s where you lie down to talk, where you prepare for the day, and where you have those intimate moments that keep your relationship strong. In the name of intentionality, it’s critical to design your bedroom to reflect these goals. Here’s how to do it.

Celebrate your relationship through pictures 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is filling your bedroom with pictures of other people. The space should be all about you and your partner, rather than bringing into play your friends or people from your past. Even pictures of your parents or siblings shouldn’t make their way into the bedroom. Instead, you should promote love and commitment with pictures that honor the places you’ve been together and the things you’ve experienced.

Make it a room for two 

Even if you’re not married and your partner lives somewhere else, your bedroom should still reflect your commitment. You should strive for balance and symmetry. Having one nightstand suggests that the space isn’t for both of you. By decorating in pairs, you can ensure the room is a comfortable space where your relationship can grow.

Avoid a king-size bed if possible 

You might think spreading out in a California king is a good idea, but it won’t be great for your relationship. Physical intimacy is about more than just sex. It’s also about closeness and touch. A smaller bed will force you to spend more time in proximity to your partner. This can help you get over fights and keep the two of you from retreating to your own corner of the bed.

Do away with mirrors 

You’ll undoubtedly need a mirror in your bathroom to facilitate your morning process. You should avoid putting a big mirror in the bedroom, however. The point of a relationship is to put the focus on your partner. When your room is full of mirrors, you’ll be more apt to focus on yourself, your own appearance, and even your own flaws. Anything that reduces the level of time and attention you spend focusing on your partner could get in the way of a positive relationship.

Couples have survived for centuries without understanding proper bedroom design, but that doesn’t mean you must fly blind. It’s possible to make your relationship even stronger by designing a bedroom that supports and cultivates the relationship. Fill the room with pictures that celebrate your relationship and build a space for two. Eliminate things that might drive you apart, and strive for a space that requires physical closeness. You might just find that your relationship gets better when you’re living in a space intentionally designed for that purpose.

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