Six Cheap Ways to Surprise Your Significant Other

By Mary Campbell

One great way of keeping your relationship exciting is by surprising your loved one with little gifts and favors. After all, who doesn’t love the sudden act of kindness to cheer up their day? A nice surprise is a great way to make someone smile, especially if they’ve finally just got finished with a long week of work and stress. Here are some great ways to surprise your loved one:

Make dinner

Imagine working a long eight-hour shift and then needing to prepare a meal for yourself after you get home. Think about how convenient it is when someone already has a hot meal ready to be eaten when you arrive. Not only is a home cooked dinner cheaper than eating out, it’s also far more thoughtful. You made something with your own two hands. You put time, love, and care into your dinner.

Give a massage

Massages are such a fantastic way to relieve stress and pain. A professional massage can cost you anywhere between $60 and $100. However, a home massage is perfect for helping your loved one relax and overcome any discomfort or anxiety they might have. Plus, few things are as loving a nice back rub to help you feel better. You can purchase some lotion at a local convenience store and learn how to give good back rubs from YouTube tutorials.

Do chores

People love a partner who can perform tasks around the house. Busy adults often feel overwhelmed with too many things on their plate. Cleaning the house, running the laundry, putting away the dishes, and other small tasks quickly add up to a lot of time that people would rather spend on themselves. Picking up a few chores isn’t difficult and your loved one will appreciate the effort. Make them a drink You might not be a bartender, but that doesn’t mean you can’t whip up a mean cocktail for your loved one. Alcohol is every adult’s favorite way of unwinding after a stressful day. Find out what sort of drinks your significant other likes. Write it down if you must. You’ll impress them if you can show them your drink mixing skills.

Write a letter

People might be all about texting and emailing these days, so it’s easy to overlook the loveliness of a hand-written letter. Your message doesn’t have to be anything extra fancy. Just write the things you love about them on paper. Put it in a place where you know they’ll find it so it will be a surprise. Just be sure that your handwriting is neat enough for them to read it.

Draw a bath with candlelight

What’s more romance than a candlelit bath? You get extra points if it’s a bubble bath too. Nothing helps someone unwind more than a nice, warm bath in a dark room lit only by candlelight. Put on their favorite calming music for extra effect.


Doing something nice for your date doesn’t need to extra expensive or extravagant. Oftentimes, it’s the little things that count the most. Who says that you need to spend a lot of money to impress your loved one? True love should be expressed through the small actions that you show your partner every day.

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