3 Signs you are in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Sometimes relationships end up being a source of pain. You may feel you’re not getting the security and comfort of having a partner. Instead, your life may start to feel like it’s a series of traumas. In such situations, you may often end up doubting yourself. You may feel confused about why your partner treats you so bad. At the same time, you may still hold on to the positive aspects, making it hard for you to make a decision.

If you’re not sure if your relationship is abusive, here are three signs to look out for. These are by no means the only symptoms. But, they signal a high-level of danger to your physical and emotional health.

You’re Not Allowed to Have an Opposing Opinion

People will always disagree on certain things. Conflict is not a bad thing if it’s an avenue to learn, grow, and exchange ideas. However, certain people can only accept their own points of view.

If you keep getting dismissed or demeaned in arguments, you’re being abused. It doesn’t matter if your views are accurate or not. Nobody has the right to make you feel inferior.

Sadly, certain people don’t know how to deal with opposing opinions. This may cause them to lash out. They may also use your disagreements as a chance to take out their frustrations.

You Can’t Raise Issues About How You Feel

Similar to the point above, you may end up being attacked when you raise an issue. This may be a demand for something you want, such as more attention or affection. Or perhaps your partner has a double standard. For example, they may think it’s OK for them to make you look bad in public. Yet, if you complain about it they’ll accuse you of disgracing them.

Such situations may make you feel worthless. You may feel confused about whether your perception is based on reality. This may weaken your confidence and damage your self-image.

You Find Yourself Hurting Your Partner

In certain cases, you may end storing up feelings of anger and humiliation. When you can’t take anymore, you may end up lashing out at your partner. This may increase conflict and you may end up getting hurt even more.

The key here is to not allow your partners behavior to turn you into something you’re not. Don’t let their abuse be an excuse for acting against your own beliefs. Instead, assess your situation. Decide if you want to continue being in a situation that causes you to lose self-control.

Dealing with emotional abuse is hard. At the same time, staying a victim will only make your life worse. If you feel abused, take action to change the situation. Most importantly, connect with yourself and learn to understand your own actions. Do things that make you feel loved and respected. That will make it harder for you to stay in situations that threaten your well-being. Be prepared for an uphill battle. But, remember, you’re fighting for your life.

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