3 Types of Men You Need to Avoid

It’s one thing to consider personal preferences when dating someone new, but there are certain types of men that should be avoided at all costs. This article outlines 3 of those kinds of men. 

  1. The Chauvinist

This kind of man does still exist, unfortunately. They aren’t usually hard to spot, but some will attempt to hide their true feelings until you have fallen for them. The chauvinistic man believes that women are below men and should serve them and do as they are told. There is nothing that you can do, no matter how strong-willed you are, that will change how this man thinks and acts. You can say “no,” until the cows come home, but you will only be wasting your time. Chances are this man will move onto a new woman before you ever get through to him.

  1. The Manipulator

The manipulative man is used to getting his own way and won’t settle for anything less. You can be a strong woman and this kind of man will still know exactly what to do to get you to do as he wants. He’ll go so far as to question your feelings for him knowing that you’ll do what he wants to make your feelings known. Be aware that he doesn’t actually believe you don’t love him, he’s only using it to get what he wants. But you can end up feeling guilty for no reason and end up doing just as he asks. 

  1. The Man Who Uses Threats 

Like a manipulator, a man who uses threats does so to get what he wants. Even though you know what he’s doing is wrong, you still end up feeling like you’re wrong for not doing what he wants. A man who threatens will often threaten to leave you for someone else who will do what he wants. He probably doesn’t plan on actually doing so, but he knows that just the act of making a threat like that will get him what he wants. Once you give in to his threats, he knows he has you under his thumb and he’s the one in control. The behavior will only continue once he’s gotten a taste of the power. 

It’s a good idea to steer clear of certain types of people. You can’t change them and you’ll only be wasting your time by trying to. 

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