Getting Romantically Involved with Your Best Friend

Have you ever noticed how happy certain couples seem to be?  Have you always wanted to find a partner with whom you can share a loving and trusting relationship with good communication?  Some people have luck using online dating sites or services like speed dating, but – generally speaking – some of the best romantic relationships are formed between two people who already have a close friendship.

So, why is it that best friends tend to create the best romantic relationships? 

Common Interests

One of the primary reasons that best friends make excellent life partners is because there is already a commonality in interests.  More often than not, couples are driven together by physical attraction and they have nothing in common.  This isn’t to say that you should avoid relationships with people to whom you’re attracted.  It is to say, however, that there are many more attributes than physical attraction that are vital for making a relationship work.  Not every couple – even those who began as best friends – is going to have everything in common, but having at least a few common interests is important.  

An Existing Comfort with Each Other

An important aspect of friendship is that of comfort between two friends.  When you are best friends (or at least close friends), you learn more about each other.  You see all of your friend’s strengths and weaknesses.  You know each other’s faults, and you are well acquainted with each other’s good qualities.  If your friendship has stood the test of time and discovery, odds are that your romantic relationship will also be able to flourish as you become closer with each other.


You can hardly have a healthy friendship if there isn’t an element of trust.  Trust is all-inclusive; it doesn’t just include trusting that your friend wouldn’t disrespect your property or things that are important to you, it also includes trusting your friend with your emotions – with your most intimate truths and emotions.  If you trust your best friend with your deepest, darkest secrets, it only stands to reason that the trust you have will carry over into your romantic involvement. 


Friendships that stand the test of time and knowledge inevitably develop consistency as far as conversation, habits, growth, dependency and more.  The consistency that developed during the course of your friendship will continue as you become close and nurture a life partnership.  

In Conclusion

It’s important to keep in mind that ‘casual sex’ and ‘romantic relationship’ are two completely different things.  Sometimes casual sex can ruin a good friendship, so if you’re considering taking your friendship to the next level and trying to work on a romantic involvement, it’s probably best to date for a while before bringing sex into the equation.

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