Can You Save Your Marriage?

Once upon a time, marriages were intended to last forever – ’till death, not divorce, parted the partners. These days, that’s not always the case, and in every marriage – even the happiest ones – there are times when the going gets rough. You may even feel like it is time to quit, but maybe you can save your marriage and bring back the happiness.

Forgive yourself

Everyone has faults, whether they admit to them or not. It’s human nature to be less than perfect. Forgive yourself your faults, and reconcile with your inner self. Accept that you may be in the wrong, because it takes two to make or break a relationship. It’s highly unlikely that the cause of your problems rests solely with one partner, so forgive your own faults and learn to like the person you are, faults and all, so that you can move forward.

Forgive your partner

Habits that were endearing while you were dating can be irritating in the extreme once you are living together. And some faults – whether perceived or actual – only manifest with time and close contact. Snoring, being late all the time or irresponsible spending can become real stumbling blocks to your happiness if you allow them to. Talk about it with your partner before it gets out of hand and your resentment has built to such a level that there is no forgiveness inside you. Your partner may not even realise how much their behaviour is upsetting you unless you communicate as calmly as possible and exercise forgiveness.


Marriage is – or should be – an equal partnership, and in all partnerships, compromise is essential. Keep the communication channels open, find out what is causing problems, and make adjustments in your thinking and behaviour to improve life for both of you. Your standpoint is not necessarily right, any more than your partner’s is wrong, but both views should be negotiable, if you really want to save your marriage.

Make time for each other

Do you remember those heady days when you were first dating? They were so wonderful because both of you were in love and learning about each other, and how to be happy together. Bring back those beautiful moments by making time to enjoy each other’s company all over again. Go for a walk in the park, hold hands, go to the movies or just stay at home together and enjoy a date night in. Remind yourselves why you got married in the first place, and enjoy life together again.

Every couple deserves to be happy together, and if you make the effort to communicate with each other, forgive your faults and make time for each other, most problems can be overcome, and you can save your marriage. However, you can only do it as a team – it takes two to tango, after all!

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