Finding Love After Divorce for Men

While both women and men have difficulties getting back in the dating game after a divorce, they do seem to have difficulty in different areas. While women take longer to get back in the game than men do, it seems that men have more issues making lasting connections. If you are a man who has recently been divorced, take a moment to breathe, and then make sure that you are ready to make real connections.

Do You Know What Broke Up Your Marriage? 

It is easy to say that you broke up because you no longer love each other, or even because one of you was cheating. However, there are events that led to the divorce, and though at this point you probably have a very clear idea of what happened, you need to know why they happened as well. For example, if it was because you were always working, why were you always working? If you want your next relationship to go well, you need to look into preventing the thing that went wrong in the first place!

Can You Be Friends With Women? 

If you want to date women, you need to be willing to be friends with them as well. A lot of men note the big leap that goes with changing from a fun girlfriend to being a life partner. If you are not ready to be friends with the women that you are seeing, you are not ready to make a lasting connection. Your future life partner is going to be your friend as much as she is your wife, so think about where you are at and what this means.

Are You Feeling Confident? 

If you are still feeling hurt or insecure after your divorce, you are not going to get anything out of the dates that you are going on. Anyone can get a date, but keeping a connection going is a lot harder! Get confident. Go to the gym, learn an instrument, or look into something that will improve your mind. It’s easier than you think.

Do You Have Solid Friendships In Your Life? 

When you want to make a real connection romantically, you need to be someone who is making real connections in other places. Maybe you are very close with your family, or maybe you have friends who take the place of blood family. Solid friendships keep you grounded and help you get where you want to be romantically.

Dating after divorce is harder than you might initially think it is, but with some time and some work, you will be ready to find real love again!

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