The Importance of Premarital Counseling

If you are engaged, you probably don’t feel like your relationship has many problems, and as the wedding approaches, divorce is the last thing on your mind. Yet with about half of marriages ending in divorce, you have to be realistic and remember that ‘until death do us part’ is rarely the case. The point is not that divorce is inevitable, but that marriage is not always easy, and that to stay together requires work. One important step you can take to give your marriage a better chance of lasting is to go to premarital counseling

‘Counseling’ is a dirty word for a lot of people, something associated with the last desperate attempt to save a marriage, but it shouldn’t be. Don’t wait until the situation is dire. Take care of little issues now, before they become big problems. Counseling is primarily a way of helping two people communicate with the guidance and perspective of an outsider. 

The weeks and even months before a wedding are a stressful period of planning. When writing invitations and picking out dresses, it’s easy to forget that the wedding is just the beginning. Amid the excitement, it’s possible to lose sight of why you are together. This is a crucial time in your relationship. Putting aside an hour a week to make your bond even stronger can prevent years of heartache and financial disaster in the future. 

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