Dating After Divorce: What You Need to Know

By Janet Howard

Some people will be ready to start dating soon after moving out of their house. They may be interested in seeing who else is out there or trying to gain confidence in themselves again through dating. Others may want to take things slower and may not be ready to date for months or even a year or longer after a divorce. Regardless of when you decide to start dating again, there are a few things you need to know to make this process easier and more productive for you.

Have Different Expectations
If you are like many dating after a divorce, it may have been years or even decades since you last dated. Things may have changed since you were last in the dating pool. Expect to find some individuals like you who want what you want, whether it is casual dating or something more profound and serious, but you can also expect to find many others who wish to the exact opposite. It can help make your needs and desires clear up-front so that you are both on the same page before proceeding through the dating process with someone. This will help you avoid wasting your time on incompatible individuals with you.

Give Yourself Time
Although you may think that you are ready to date, it can be unnerving or surreal to be on a date with someone new. The process will get more comfortable for you as you date more, but it can be a rough go at first. Provide yourself plenty of time to ease into the routine. If you start dating and feel as though you are not ready after all, please pull yourself out of the dating scene for a little longer.

Wait for Intimacy
You might also consider waiting for intimacy until you are more serious about an individual. STDs are a serious problem, and they are more common than you might think. Even when you use protection, you are not fully protected. This is because all contraceptives can fail or be used incorrectly, and they simply will not work properly when this happens. While you still want to use protection when you are intimate with someone you know better, you also may feel more and comfortable when you are less concerned about STDs.

Dating can be a new and exciting experience for you, but it also can be stressful. These tips can help you navigate these waters more easily with success.

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