Helping Your Child Cope in the Midst of Divorce

By Katelyn Campbell

Divorce is a challenge that thousands of families are faced with each year. As a parent, you may feel inclined to shield your child throughout the process of your divorce and there are times that may be necessary. However, more often than not, children need help developing their coping skills and healing through the process more than they need to be shielded from it. Below are a few tips for helping your children heal through this painful time.

1. Be as consistent as possible for your child.

It is easy to get swept away in the paperwork, legalities and emotions of your divorce. Divorce will disrupt your daily routines at times. But your children need consistency now more than ever. It is important for both parents to remain as involved as possible in their child’s life. If you both regularly attended soccer games and recitals – try to continue doing so. Remember to make these special moments about your child and leave any bickering and legal talk out of conversations here.

2. Be willing to address your child’s concerns openly.

When you are going through a divorce with children, chances are high that your child will have some challenging questions. It may be painful for you at first, but be willing to speak openly with your child. Remember to keep dialogue regarding their other parent as respectful as possible and be honest with them about the changes that are ahead for your family.

3. Seek professional counseling.

You may be confused as to how this step can be helpful to your child. But one mistake many parents make is seeking comfort in their children in the midst of the divorce. While it is important that you make an effort to be honest and open with your child about the facts surrounding your divorce, you need to make sure that any negative feelings regarding your divorce remain between you and someone that is qualified to help you sort through them. 

In conclusion, though divorces, where children are involved, can be difficult to navigate – you can still manage to grow and thrive as a family in spite of these new challenges and ultimately, you will all come out of this stronger if you follow the above steps.

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